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Anatomic Renders

I've started a thread at the Newtek Forums, in order to gain a little feedback as far as lighting and rendering.  Now that I've upgraded to LW 11, I want to put it to some good use.

My goal with this thread is an attempt to get a better use of rendering and lighting with LW, especially now that I've just upgraded to LW 11. I'm working on some images/video for some lectures on lower extremity surgery. After watching this video from the guys/gals at ghOst I was inspired to say the least.

This scene is some anatomy layers, (bones, nerve, arteries, muscle, and skin), as well as a Logo (for the hospital I work). It is lit with a single white area light, Monte Carlo radiosity, and a plain white background. I have not used the new SSS in Lightwave 11, but if anyone has any pointers, I'd love some advice.