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[Project] 2D Ganesha's Future

"The best way to predict the future....
is to help create it!"

For my work with Podcasting, I wanted to improve the quality of my modeling and textures.  Rather than having muscles be, red, and skin be, brown, I want to move into a technique known as "UV mapping".  Simply put, this is something which requires one to draw a texture and then wrap that texture onto a 3D model.  The renders can look amazing when applied well.  This was an art project I used to explore an alternative to a Wacom Tablet.  Wacom's are excellent technology for graphics art professionals, but they can also be very expensive.  For this, very few hobbiest level enthusiasts are able to justifiy the price.

My workflow started with a piece of artwork I snaped off of a chalkboard (artist unknown).  This was just a reference image, which you'll see in the video.  I then imported this image into an iPad 2 with the


I then used a Wacom Baboo Stylus to draw the same as I would with a standalone Wacom.  This Stylus is MUCH cheaper, by compare.  My only concern was whether or not it would hold up to traditional Wacom functionality.  Wacom, obviously recognizes the iPad and other android based tablets.

You can see the workflow for yourself.  This is another nifty feature of Brushes.  Overall, the multipurpose luxury appliance of the iPad, may prove to be something useful in my Animation workflow.  I'll look forward to working through this in future projects, to come.