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[TED Roundup] Hacker-Tacular!

The first discussion illustrates the psychology of a "hacker" and how these misguided moral compass could have been used for good are corrupted for crime.  If they should be hire for their abilities, then the second talk may be an example of those who were...  Stuxnet could possibly be a governmental cyper weapon of mass desctruction.

Despite multibillion-dollar investments in cybersecurity, one of its root problems has been largely ignored: who are the people who write malicious code? Underworld investigator Misha Glenny profiles several convicted coders from around the world and reaches a startling conclusion.


When first discovered in 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm posed a baffling puzzle. Beyond its unusually high level of sophistication loomed a more troubling mystery: its purpose. Ralph Langner and team helped crack the code that revealed this digital warhead's final target -- and its covert origins. In a fascinating look inside cyber-forensics, he explains how.