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[How To] Import an Image Sequence into Final Cut X

After upgrading to the new Final Cut X, I noticed that there didn't seem to be an easy way to import and image sequence, as with previous versions of Final Cut.  After looking around and tooling, I discovered that is was actually quite possible.

1. First start by having you numbered image sequence in the same directory.  This helps to automate the process, as you'll see.

2. Next, you will want to OPEN Final Cut X and select File > Import > Files...

3. Navigate to your image sequence directory and select all

4. For this example, I chose to select multiple image sequence folders


5. After they are all loaded, you see them labeled in the left column


6. Select all and Right Click > New Compound Clip


7. Specify a name for the video clip and the appropriate settings for your project


8. Select the entire clip and drag into the timeline


9. You can now edit away with the rest of your project.  Done.


I know there is a lot of resentment towards the new Final Cut X.  In the meantime, we'll have to manage.  Here's one solution I wanted to share.