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HTML 5 and the Interwebz

HTML 5 has gained a lot of publicity in recent months.  After all, HTML has been at the heart of web browsing experience since the dawn of consumer web browsing began.  HTML 5 is managed by a consortium of developers and advisors, and is ultimately offering improved performance, security, and functionality, while eliminated the dependence on RIA software intermediates, like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.  Here is a cool infographic demonstrating HTML 5 Data:

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), HTML 5 has received a somewhat increased amount of attention, which is rare for an open development, non-commercial effort.  The main boost in attention is largely due to the companies Apple Inc. and Adobe Inc.  This has been ongoing, for several months, (even years), and has been erupting in the realm of an antitrust issue between Adobe's Flash platform VS. Apple's iPhone platform.

Today Apple Inc released Safari 5.0 for OSX and Windows.  Touting a number of new features, Apple and Safari are embracing the newest HTML 5 standards and boasting faster speeds in user experience.  Overall, here's a list of Apple's take on things from the horses mouth:

What's New in Safari:
Apple's Usage of HTML 5:
Additional Safari Features:
Steve Job's Thoughts on Flash:

Adobe has Issued it's own response to Jobs and HTML 5 supporters statements, with a public letter of their own:

As I was always told about computer technology: "Choice creates competition, and the competitive advantage is often the consumers in the end"