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a Little Explanation behind the "ProjectMOS" Name

One of the most recent additions to the Dr. Glass DPM Podcast is the "ProjectMOS" track.  This was made for several reasons and mostly serves as an outlet for some of the smaller pieces that are produced.  Namely, short clips and snippets as a test render, proof of concept, or even lecture material.

Because this differes so much from what is normally produced and published for the podcast, it has typically been left out.  However, enough requests have shown interest in seeing these anyways.  So what was decided was to publish them without editing or even with out sound.

Omitting sound recording from a particular shot can save time and relieve the film crew of certain requirements, such as remaining silent during a take, and thus MOS takes are common on film shoots, most obviously when the subjects of the take are not speaking or otherwise generating useful sound.

As is described in this wikipedia article, MOS is filmaking jargon for "Motor Only Shot" or "Mit Out Sound" (you decide).  But either way,