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Opinion: Ingenious or Indispensable - Which one is the Smart Choice?

Seth Godin's 2010 Book, Linchpin: Are You Indespensable?  This work provides a unique perspective into the human abilities of artistic nature and the business (modern internet) world we live in.

Some perspectives from this:

  1. The Academic World often influences people's behavior and overall way of thinking.  In this manner, its possible that the notion of being above average is actually based on somebody's ability to consistently do what is expected of them.  (The same as everyone else).  That is a bad thing.
  2. The industrial model of business success is largely failing in the Capitalist internet age with open and social undertones.  By this, we are all pressured to be more "artistic" in our career paths.
  3. Making these choices and performing actions of "art" are somewhat unatural feeling.  This is the way we have been groomed by society.  We are supposed to be employees, not thinkers.

My question is then, Ingenious or Indispensable - Which one is the Smart Choice?  Many people have unfortunately traded their ability to succeed for, simply, the ability to sustain.