Nicholas Giovinco


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The Primitive Concept of Theragnostic and/or Theranostic Medicine

The theortical, and largely primitive, concept of Theragnostics is continuing to develop.  What specifically comprises Theragnostic/Theranostic Medical Care described by many authors.  However, many of these definitions do not necessarily agree.  In general terms, theragnostic medicine is the delivery of personal health service.  Many of these proposed ideas are still, currently, unavailable today.

The current medical treatment model involves assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.  These steps are often isolated and may yield significant lag of time in between and ultimately may lead to suboptimal patient care.  By combining sophisticated laboratory and assessment equipment with cloud enabled, tele-health services, the goal of personalized theragnostic medical care aims to bridge several of these gaps.

Several limitations in technological capability and finances prevent this theragnostic medicine from manifesting into common practice.  This is assumed to be a temporary barrier, as many of these advancements are beginning to arrive in the coming months/years.

The fundamentals of theragnostic medicine, center around personalized patient care.  By this: rapid and sophisticated assessment of the patient's medical condition is attained, followed by a specialized knowledge of the patients diagnosis, which ultimately leads to a custom treatment modality to be applied.

This process would be continually performed throughout the treatment course.  Refinements and augmentations would be incorporated into the treatment course in near real-time.