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Idea Exchange: Web Integration of Health Managment

Electronic Medical Records are becoming a common medium of medical health service.  Rarely does this service extend beyond the immediate health facility or health system.  This "closed" network is something that will benefit from change.

If open API's would allow secured access and cloud services to maturate into the patient/user experience.  By this, a conscious "opt-in" platform for user engagement could mediate patient-facility interaction, but could permit patient involvement in their treatment regime.

Further extensions of this service could integrate calender appointment and treatment dates, payment fees, patient educational resources (specifically pushed), diet and activity logs, etc.  When comparing this to diagnostic and assessment studies performed at onsite care facilities.  A more detailed picture of the patient's personal profile could be contrived.

Take into account web communities and cloud services like:
Google Health
Patients Like Me
23 and Me