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Zac Taylor - Salesman

Just making a plug for my good buddie, Zac Taylor and his release of a pretty darn good album.  His site: is a myspace redirect, but we'll forgive that.

Zac Taylor has been making wise cracks for audiences in venues, subways, and parks around Boston, NYC, and Atlanta for the last few years. In recent months, he's kicked things up by adding horns, a swingin' rhythm section, and some filthy electric guitar, dubbing the band Zac Taylor & The Drugs. Think Ben Folds' playfulness with some gritty Telecaster. The debut record 'Salesman' is set to be released this spring. Produced by Berklee's own Ben Gebert, the vibe of the record has raw, tube-crunched guitar, rollicking drums, and some old school Wurlitzer to round out a jazzed-tinged, in-your-face pop-rock sound.

All in all, its a good album and an even better concert experience.  Give it a go peeps