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Press Release: Dr. Glass DPM Podcast Homepage 2.0

The Dr. Glass DPM Podcast homepage at has officially launched it's 2.0 version.  Curation of this Podcast will still be done by Nicholas Giovinco, and the current intention is to continue offering content as regularly as possible. (challenging as that is, sometimes) 

The podcast originally started from very humble beginnings.  It has always been an Ad-hoc style, volunteer basis.  This culture has continued, as the Dr. Glass DPM Podcast family has grown to several more people who have volunteered their time and effort to create something.  This is all for the purposing of "giving back" or "paying forward", depending on how one perceives it.

The change was from being the Dr. Glass DPM Podiatry Resource Network to becoming simply the Dr. Glass DPM podcast.  This is so for a number of listed reasons:
-Shorter title is much closer to the point
-iWeb as a management system just wasn't keeping pace with other great solutions like
-mobileme wasn't permissive of collaborative work efforts and "under the hood' controls (again, is amazing)

"The bottom line is that I want to keep making these podcasts.  I love doing this, honestly.  It is time consuming and it is a challenging process for me, but I'll keep doing it as long as there is a use for it."

 -Nicholas A. Giovinco

-Currently the #1 Podiatry Video Podcast in iTunes
-23 Entries Total to the Podcast Feed
-185,000 total hits to the YouTube channel
-Hundreds of subscribers to both

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