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Medical Time & Place Shifting: Doctoring in the 4th Dimension

Time and Place shifting is a relatively new concept to medicine, although, it actually is not.  Time and place shifting is something that is quite familiar.

Radiographic imaging assessments are frequently performed at a distance and time away from the point of care

As with radiology, images are capable of being viewed much after and even further than their original place of capture.  With this concept in mind, it could be applied to other forms of laboratory and clinical studies.  As data storage, internet speed, and sophisticated cloud services continue to become realized, the ability to perform tele-health services will automagically be delivered.

Just as the digital video recorder and slingbox has allowed us to time-shift traditional television programming, so can current technologies extend this into the clinic

By these means, the benefits of multidisciplinary teams could exist not just in in a centralized structure, but in an ad-hoc virtualization.

This can give our patients and us the most valuable benefit of all - time and perspective