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Barefoot Running, Thirsty Thursday Saucony Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels

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This is a well done interview with Jack Daniels.  What is good to pull away from many of the questions asked to him, his often response of "I don't know" or "We don't know".  This is a valuable first step to understanding Minimalist and Barefoot running.  Nothing is KNOWN as of yet.

This use of energy and exertion he describes are a series of articles, which show that without shoes, many runner use less energy.  He describes some weaknesses with this study, by stating that they didn't test people over long periods of time and they didn't test a wide a varied population of people.  However, this is some fairly "Landmark" literature at this point, given the relative scarcity of quality research.

Many of the articles he describes are, unfortunately, from the 1980's.  This is unfortunate, because the quality and sophistication of modern equipment could demonstrate more useful results.  Time wil tell.